About Us


FICASA is a vision of the Kenyan Youth in agri-business value chain. It is driven by the passion to alleviate the current levels of unemployment and poverty in our community. We realize we are a country where agriculture is the main pillar of the Economy with over 50 reliable value chains.

To deliver on our vision, we have partnered with trusted and quality brands i.e. Farmers Choice, YMCA and SHEFFIED Kenya; to establish an agri-business concept that connects the youth from the production to the marketing and consumer level.

FICASA is a monetization structure, guided by a food distribution system that allows the consumers to be served to their door step, which in turn promotes wellness, healthy style and nutritional security.   It is a technology supported business concept with full automation of the business processes.

To ensure reliability and resilience in marketing of the farm produce we will establish Branded FICASA healthy food Kiosk(s) (FHK) in all major towns and cities; commercializing the concept of Food kiosks.

We feel that the launch of the concept  under the current COVID 19 situation, is timely; It provides a home-grown Kenyan solution to alleviate the unprecedented business disruptions and growing numbers of unemployed youth, which if not properly addressed may result to a situation of hopelessness, despair, increased cases of mental health, broken homes, drug abuse and crime.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to grow a resilient youth driven brand in B2C (Business to consumer) delivery service in the agri-business value chain; distributing quality Kenyan farm fresh quality food products to the customers door step.

 Our Mission

Our mission is to establish an on-line technology supported agribusiness to deliver Kenyan farm fresh quality food products that support wellness, heathy life style and nutritional security in the value chain, with an in-built youth enterprise development program in partnership with YMCA, Farmers choice and SHEFFIELD Kenya

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